I'm a scientific author and my first book is about violence and music television. It's only available in German and is called "Gewalt im Musikfernsehen und ihre gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen".


You wanna buy it? Please follow this LINK.

More books ...


At the time I'm writing my first novelistic book too, which will be a collection of short stories, poems and thoughts, which go along with me a couple of years.

On the one hand there will be a lot of autobiographical-influenced stories, on the other hand I write about the so called "normal" life in my surroundings.


It will be a book especially for musicians and people who try to understand them. It's all about rock'n'roll music, passion, love, sex and parties. But life isn't always funny - so that's why I also write some stories about the dark side of a musicians life - there will be stuff between mania and depression, coolness and possession, love and deep loneliness.


The title of the book is "stories from the basics" and is written in German.


Some samples will be online soon ...