PRICING & Offering

Working in a studio is not cheap but you get a lot for your money. All prices are guide values as well as the working days (1 day = 8 hours) - the final costs depend upon a lot of factors like track quantity, quality and length of production. The price is always calculated for one song. If you want to do more songs, there will be definitely a frequency discount. Loyal customers always get a discount. Please contact me for the final price!

Financial Guideline

Issue Price Working days

 whole song (including recording, cut&editing,

mixing, mastering, production&arrangement)

 € 1.200.- 3 days


€ 600.- 1,5 days


€ 250.- 1 day


€ 400.- 1,5 days


€ 100.- 0,5 days


€ 300.- 1 day

songwriting (including recording, cut&editing,

mixing,  mastering, production&arrangement,

rights of use)

€ 2.000.- 4 days


€ 100.- 3 hours

You can download my offering and pricing as well (in German).

Offering and Pricing
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